9 simple Soccer drills that you can practice at home during quarantine

Now that we are all spending many days at home from confinement, we cannot lose our physical form. So here we have some of the best soccer drills that you can practice at home. They can be done with just a ball or a small ball, your own feet and a little dedication.

To hone your soccer skills , you have to spend time training alone. This can be used to exercise your skills , improve your knowledge of the sport , or improve your physical conditioning. We’ve included some of the best soccer drills you can do at home on our list – drills that will hone your speed, agility, control, power, and focus. From a simple dribble between cones to passes with the wall and much more.


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Dribbling between cones

To start our list of the best soccer drills that can be practiced at home during this confinement, we have to explain a basic drill, dribbling between cones . With just a little space, a soccer ball or a ball and some cones (or similar that we have at home and can serve as a small obstacle). You will place three cones in a line or triangle , a few steps apart.

You will then simply have to dribble the ball between the cones , allowing the surfaces of the feet to control the ball. Practice quick touches to the ball, and guide the ball around the cones repeating a pattern, with control and speed.

Wall passes

Wall passes are next on our list of the best soccer drills you can practice at home. A great way to practice passing the ball and to strengthen your reflexes. This exercise requires standing one to three meters from the wall.

To begin, throw the ball against the wall, and do ball controls with your feet, returning it against the wall, and repeat this process until you can no longer control it. With practice and dedication to this exercise, the difficulty will lessen. For more information check out the soccercoach weekly guide

25’s Dribbling

This dribbling will condition and improve your dribbling ability. This cone drill consists of aligning six to ten cones five meters apart. Then, drive the ball through the cones using the inside of your feet. Repeat this exercise alternating  between the outside and inside. It circulates to the right, then to the left, and around the cones.

Or, for an easier exercise , start at cone one, run to cone two with the ball, come back and run to cone one, then cone three, then one, then four, and so on. Take a minute of rest before the next set.

First touch shot

A one-touch shot will let you get rid of the element of doubt. Hesitation is what often makes our shots non-goal, and practicing it will allow you to score with just one touch.

Thanks to one of the best soccer drills that you can practice at home, you will achieve shots at the first touch. You must adjust not only your body, but also your head and feet to control this shot, and perfect it.


Headbutts are always important when training , even when you’re home and alone. A great way to practice this would be in goal, because believe it or not, 20 percent of goals are scored head-on in higher-level categories. As we are in a situation of isolation and we cannot leave the house… we will go back to the wall that you have used for your passes. This will be done in a similar way in this exercise, except for the use of the head


The push-pull is another of the best soccer exercises you can do at home. If you focus on your dribbling skills , this is an exercise that will exercise the muscles in your foot that strengthen dribbling.
It’s a great practice to do at home, it can be done every day for best results, and you don’t need anything other than your feet. You will put your foot on the ball, and you will move it from your toe to the heel and back to the toe . Switch feet quickly, and do it 100 times.

Stair steps

This is an exercise that is incorporated into your routine to improve your balance and endurance. You will put the ball in front of you, as you place your foot on top of the ball, and then down, quickly alternating your feet as if you were climbing stairs.

It sounds easy? It is not. Once you get going, your balance and control of the ball will certainly be challenged. A great practice to do at home, improvise with it, and have a little fun, which will also greatly benefit your game.

Check and pass

Another great drill that will change your dribbling, spreading, and pushing game is one of the best soccer drills you can do at home. To start, put your foot on the ball and roll the ball to the outside or inside of your foot. You will slide your foot towards the outside of the ball, and you will push it towards your opposite foot. Then repeat with speed! For best results, do it at least 100 times, quickly.

Dribble the ball

A spinning dribble will help you perfect your dribbling techniques . It is a great exercise to practice at home, you will move the ball with the sole of your foot.

It is a simple action, but one that will perfect your balance and concentration. The turning dribble should be done at least 100 times each day. Soon you will be able to turn the ball on defense with ease, despite pressure from your opponents.

These are the exercises that we propose, you no longer have an excuse not to train . You hardly need equipment, just a ball and your own feet. Return to your training sessions with greater technique and you will have already won the first game in this confinement.

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