The 4 best football/soccer free statistics predictions websites in the year 2021

In the year 2021 the 4 best football predictions website that i have personally used are: SportRadar, Whoscored, 3. The CIES football observatory, and Soccerstats. Given the unpredictability of soccer predictions and betting, the use of data analysis sites is essential to increase chances of winning. To help you in your predictions, I present to you 4 football statistics predition sites that you can consult before validating your bets:



SportRadar, formerly BetRadar is the world’s # 1 data provider for sports betting sites! Founded in Austria in 2000, this company now collaborates with the largest international federations (NFL, NBA, MLB, FIFA, ITF, ESL, NASCAR) and most bookmakers in the world.SportRadar is undeniably the most comprehensive tool on the market. Accessible for free from your sports betting site (Winamax, Betclic, Bwi, PMU, NetBet, or even 1xBet), SportRadar statistics are a real gold mine for football tipsters.

Here are the statistics that must be consulted before betting:

Overall state of form: for each competition, access the general classification with the state of form of the teams over the last 5/6 matches.

Home / away advantage: you will also find statistics on the home / away advantage season here.

Average goals per game: very interesting information if you often bet on Over / Under 2.5

Statistics by team: for each team, you will be able to find the schedule of the next matches, the difficulty index for the upcoming matches, the state of form, and the usual composition of the last matches. To my knowledge, it is impossible to find these statistics elsewhere on the web.

Face to face: in the match view, you can quickly analyze the dynamics of the two teams.

Players: the table displays the ranking of the top scorers, assistants and also the injured. A must have for all MPG and Fantasy Football players.

Over / Under: in the “Overview” view, an ultra-detailed table displays all the statistics with, for example, the percentage of clean sheets, the average of goals scored, the number of matches with at least one goal scored. All this for all matches, home and away matches and even periods (1st half, 2nd half).


WhoScored assign a performance score to players ranging from 1 to 10. Powered by data provided by Opta, another big data juggernaut, WhoScored has created an algorithm that scores live players based on more than 200 pieces of data. WhoScored is a real gold mine not only for both free and paid Fantasy Football players but also for punters. Here are some of the valuable statistics you can find on this predictions site:

Unavailable players: red cards, injured, uncertain players, are essential information to take into account before betting. Find them in each “Preview” section of the matches,

Probable lineups: thanks to the ratings and information above, WhoScored gives the probable starting XI for each match.

Match facts: For each match, WhoScored suggests a list of recommended bets based on key statistics. For example: “Bordeaux have conceded 4 draws in their last 4 Ligue 1 games”

Team characteristics: this section is made for statistical analysis purists. We discover the strengths and weaknesses of the teams in specific areas of play. For example: “Arsenal are very weak defensively on long passes”

Best “eleven”: As I pointed out, this is very valuable information for playing fantasy games like the JDE Winamax for example.

The CIES football observatory

The CIES Football Observatory is an independent research center specializing in the statistical analysis of football. Based in Switzerland, the CIES is managed by 3 researchers and also draws its data from the Opta database.

A partner of prestigious clubs and the largest authorities, CIES is one of the most reliable and serious sources in this field. At the time of the transfer window, it is not uncommon to see the sports press rely on CIES studies. Indeed, since 2013, the Swiss observatory has scientifically assessed the value of Big players.

This site is not only intended for players of MPG and other coach games, it is also available for punters, they provide reports and newsletters that contain information about “number of kilometers run by the ball”, “number of penalties”, “matches without a goal”, “river scores”. Here are some valuable statistics you can find on the CIES predictions site:

Player Performance Index: Rankings can be filtered by value, position, year of birth, competition, and team.

Performance Atlas: sorting by league and stats, you will have access to very informative team ranking.

Player Profile: The graphics are very similar to those seen in the FIFA game. It allows you to quickly analyze the main qualities of a player.

Ranking by performance: calculated over the last week, the last three or six months, it allows you to discover the best performing players over the selected periods.

 Soccerstats lives up to its name: it is 100% dedicated to football statistics. It is clearly THE most popular site for professional tipsters. Soccer stats is full of key statistics for those who know how to find them. There are many reasons to put this site in your bettor’s toolbox. First of all, the number of competitions covered is just impressive. If you are fluent in English, the site blog includes many articles to help you understand and make the most of the site’s statistics.

Here are some valuable statistics and predictions you can find on Soccerstats predictions site:

Classification by form: when we know the importance of the dynamics on the last matches, this classification is very useful. Soccer stats even goes so far as to offer several rankings/stats: “the last 4 home / away matches”, “the relative form”, “the last 6 matches”.

Run-in Analysis: No other free statistics site provides this type of stat. Run-In Analysis is used to assess the actual performance of teams based on their past performance and the strength of the opponents encountered. The usefulness of this analysis naturally increases with the number of matches played.

Big 5 summary: you can access statistics on “clean sheets”, “the matches with both teams to score”, “teams with no goals” by the European Big 5 teams.

Goal types: in this ” Goal type ” tab, you can analyze the importance of goals scored by teams in competition with, for example, “the number of goals that resulted in an equalizer”, “the number of times the team led to the score “.

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