The best French basic t-shirt is a staple in the men’s wardrobe. A simple cut, tones easy to combine, it goes with an impressive number of outfits, and gives a sober side to a look, while giving nuance to certain strong pieces. Created at the beginning of the 20th century (and yes, only!), The t-shirt knows how to adapt to all moments of life, to all times, to all trends, while having the assurance of not taking reckless risk. Two years ago, we made a comparison, bringing together several brands of basic t-shirts. This year, we’re repeating the experience, and we asked you what your favorite brands of t-shirts were . We forgot to include Maison Standards and Levis, which were nevertheless very well positioned during the previous edition. But here’s your feedback, when it comes to choosing the best basic t-shirt on the market.

Black Flag/ Drapeau Noir 

  • Creation date: 2014
  • Origin: France

Drapeau Noir is the brand launched by Nicolas Barbier, a former lawyer, who draws his inspiration from America in the 1970s. A true enthusiast, he offers basics made of delicate materials and authentic cuts. In a timeless but resolutely modern style, Drapeau Noir mainly designs its collections in Japan and Italy. The assembly is done in Europe, by renowned specialists, with elegant and premium fabrics, which testify to a love for discretion and refinement. A company on a human scale, Drapeau Noir is therefore what fashion offers in all that it has of most beautiful, thanks to basic and masculine pieces at the same time, for chic and relaxed silhouettes. Count 40 € for a basic t-shirt.

Official site: https://d Drapeau-noir.fr


  • Creation date: 1987
  • Origin: France

APC (Atelier de Production et de Création) is a brand founded by Jean Toitou, in reaction to the fashion of the time, which was a little too ostentatious for his taste. After working for Agnès b. or Kenzo, the designer begins to imagine basic pieces, without logo, and cut in the most beautiful way possible. At the same time, he develops and works on his ideal jeans, both well-cut and high-quality. He found his happiness in Japan, where he discovered selvedge denim fabrics, and developed jeans with very good value for money. We recognize APC by its quality basics, including t-shirts, sold around 65 €, which testify to a new standard of clothing.

Official site:  https://www.apc.fr


  • Creation date: 2014
  • Origin: France

Created in Toulon by Matthieu Rivory and Bertrand Durand-Gasselin, Seagale began to develop clothing focused on the summer season. Thanks to the fabrics and the versatility of the cuts, success is there, and the designers have been able to expand their men’s collections. On the program, therefore, quality basics, timeless, with a quality-price ratio designed to be as fair as possible. Indeed, a basic t-shirt costs around 45 €. Pleasant and functional, the pieces offered by Seagale are sold in a spirit of sharing, even opening a physical store!

Official site:  https://seagale.fr/

American Vintage

  • Creation date: 2005
  • Origin: France

And yes, as its name does not indicate, American Vintage is a French company! Created by Michael Azoulay, the brand began by developing women’s clothing, until 2007, when the men’s wardrobe is also highlighted, through basic pieces, in natural materials, and available in a beautiful palette of colors. Indeed, the t-shirts, sold for 45 € are not only available in an eternal white or black, but in pastel shades as more vivid. Without any logo or particular distinction, the clothes developed by American Vintage are a sign that you can dress in basic and be stylish.

Official site:  http: //fr.americanvintage-store.com

Velva sheen

  • Creation date: 1932
  • Origin: United States

Velva Sheen was born in 1932 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Initially aimed at colleges and the United States Armed Forces, the brand offers quality basics at prices a little higher than average. Collections whose profitability is no longer to be proven, and which develops hoodies, sweaters, or even basic t-shirts, sold around 45 € each, and sometimes offered as a duo. These are designed in cotton, and known to be woven in one piece, without side seams, therefore more robust. This is how Velva Sheen stands out from its competitors!

Official site:  https://sheehanandcompany.com/

Armor Lux

  • Creation date: 1938
  • Origin: France

Mythical brand inspired by the sea and the marine world, Armor Lux was created in Quimper and first specialized in hosiery. By developing oilskins, jackets, peacoats or even emblematic sailor tops, Armor Lux is positioning itself in a fairly specialized market, but does not hesitate to offer more basic pieces, such as t-shirts sold for € 26, and products, for the most part, in France. An image of French fashion with a fresh and resolutely accessible spirit.

Official site:  https://www.armorlux.com


  • Creation date: 2011
  • Origin: France

Founded by Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI mixes casual and chic at prices a little higher than the average, in particular due to the production choices. An easy-to-wear fashion, which is available in many pieces, often quite simple to combine, always with this small logo included on each creation. A t-shirt, if it costs between € 80 and € 90, is the guarantee of discovering the world of Parisian fashion. Clean, basic lines for a chic and relaxed wardrobe in all circumstances, this is the AMI side.

Official site:  https://www.amiparis.com

Frog leg

  • Creation date: 2010
  • Origin: France

Cuisse de Grenouille is the story of two brothers, Lucas and Séverin, who initially decided to launch their accessories brand. Silk ties and swimsuits, inspired by the cinema, the 60s, which will quickly be completed by much larger collections. Between retro and modernity, all products are made in Europe, and take up this dynamic and colorful spirit that can be seen on their creations. For a t-shirt, the average budget will then be 55 €, always accompanied by this spirit that we love so much!

Official site:  https://www.cuissedegrenouille.com

The French Brief

  • Creation date: 2011
  • Origin: France

Le Slip Français is a brand launched in 2011 by Guillaume Gibault. An offbeat tone, made in France underwear, success is quickly there. Since then, the company has flourished and has been developing sweatshirts, jackets and even t-shirts, sold for € 55 for the most basic. The majority of the products are made in a workshop in the Dordogne, and try to restore all its splendor to French production.

Official site:  http://www.leslipfrancais.fr

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